Milled from a single block of 6061 Aluminum, and skeletonized, it's incredibly light weighing in at less than ten pounds.



Four strong magnets (expandable to 6) help keep the head firmly against the platen, top or bottom.



Keep the handle short for spots up close. Extend it for harder to reach build-up.

Demco Spot Cleaner

Built to clean the odd spots of build-up in your presses. Use this on production days to help keep build-up to a minimum between loads. Works as a great addition to our proven press cleaning Super Scraper System.

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Interchangeable Blades

The blades are cut on an angle so they efficiently scrape build-up with ease. When a pair gets dull over time, simply loosen the clamps and swap the blades for a new pair. Available in a beveled edge, square corner (like our traditional blade on our Super Scraper Heads), or a softer Aluminum Bronze option.

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Cartridge Head

If your head becomes damaged, you can order a new head and mount which clips into your old handle. If your handle breaks, you can swap just that.

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Our hand scraper comes with it's own storage shelf, complete with T-Handle Allen Wrench and aluminum guage for adjusting the magnet height. The wrench also works for swapping blades.

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